• P3 Bulletin: The Second Act – How Performance-Based Building Coalition’s Work May Be the Driver for Real P3 Growth in the Coming Years May 3, 2017 - COVER STORY - Real P3 Growth in the Coming Years Discussing what President Donald Trump’s proposed infrastructure bill will include has almost become a full- time job in itself of late. It has certainly played a huge part in his ultimately successful campaign and beyond, with many continuing to wait on tenterhooks to see what direction this new federal government is going to take. Since Trump’s inauguration at the beginning of the year, there has been much to-ing and fro-ing around the so-called $1trn bill coming out of the White House, but – as always – the devil will be in the detail. The problem with this administration so far, however, is that there has tended to be very little Read More

  • InfraAmerica’s PABS (Private Activity Bonds) Bill Re-introduced In Congress March 20, 2017 - Legislation that would allow private activity bonds (PABs) to be used for social infrastructure projects has been re-introduced in both houses of Congress. The bill, known as the Public Buildings Renewal Act (S 326) in the Senate, would create USD Read More
  • P3 Impressive Performance March 10, 2017 - P3 Impressive Performance -- All the anticipation surrounding President Trump’s $1trn plans are understandable, but there is a bill already with Congress that could have a greater impact on the P3 market. Discussing what President Donald Trump’s proposed infrastructure bill Read More
  • Bipartisan Federal Legislation Is a Potential Boon for P3s January 30, 2017 - A significant piece of Bipartisan Federal Legislation recently filed in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate could lead to significant job creation and the availability of billions of dollars in bond financing opportunities for the construction of public buildings. Read More
  • Taxpayers Win with Federal P3 Legislation December 8, 2016 - Why do too many government construction projects become liabilities for the nation’s taxpayers? One major reason is the lack of long-term cost and schedule discipline that private sector experience can provide. Public Private Partnerships offer an advantage over traditional government Read More
  • Bill Promises to Meet Infrastructure Needs of State, Local Governments October 18, 2016 - By Al Maloof, Daily Business Review The state of Florida and its local governments have an urgent need for public works and other critical infrastructure projects. This is driven by several factors, including years of underfunding from all levels of Read More
  • P3 Finance 101 September 20, 2016 - Introduction The purpose of this article is to demystify the most basic aspects of public-private partnership (“P3”) finance for those new to P3s. Specifically, this article addresses the following questions—what components are “public” and “private”, and what is the advantage Read More