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  • The Public Buildings Renewal Act (PBRA) January 2, 2018THE PUBLIC BUILDINGS RENEWAL ACT (PBRA) - THE PUBLIC BUILDINGS RENEWAL ACT (PBRA) WOULD CREATE JOBS, FAST-TRACK CONSTRUCTION AND SAVE TAXPAYERS MILLIONS New Study Highlights The Benefits of Constructing Government Buildings Via Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) Financed with Private Activity Bonds “This new study con rms what so many have been saying all along: the Public Buildings Renewal Act is a win-win-win for American infrastructure, jobs, and taxpayers.”  — Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), lead House sponsor “Now is the time to use the success of P3s in the infrastructure sector as a nancing model for repairing our public buildings and other cornerstones of our communities, particularly public schools and libraries.” — Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV), lead Senate sponsor P3's offer cost savings of nearly 25% over the life of the project compared to traditional building methods. IF P3S EXPAND TO 20% OF ALL GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS FOLLOWING PASSAGE OF THE PBRA, IT WOULD: In the First Year; *Generate $2.796 billion worth of new public buildings *Increase real GDP by $8.285 billion Create 43,200 jobs *Increase federal and state income tax receipts by $860 million   In 10 years *Generate $85.90 billion worth of new public buildings *Increase real GDP by $8.06 billion Create 32,400 jobs *Increase federal and state… Read More

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