America’s schools, hospitals and courthouses are crumbling.
Public Private Partnerships are a solution

  • Aging Pipes and Leaky Roofs Plague College Campuses – Universities Struggle to Keep up with Swelling Maintenance Bills

    Wall Street Journal, June 5th 2017 by Melissa Korn

  • Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) recently introduced legislation championed by the PBBC, which creates $5 billion in federal financing to stimulate PPPs for public buildings.

    Erie schools, pictured above, have a $400 million need in new school construction and renovation.

  • 14 million children in America, including those in Erie, attend deteriorating schools (National Education Association).

  • PPPs are a solution

    Educational achievement has been shown to improve 44 percent faster in schools rebuilt using a PPP than those that used conventional delivery (KPMG Study)

    Woodlands School, Essex, United Kingdom

  • Learn more about Building Schools for the Future, the UK’s $45 billion effort that rebuilt over 400 schools and improved conditions for over 3 million children using PPPs.

    Woodlands School, Essex, United Kingdom

  • Due to financial shortfalls, 67% OF HOSPITALS have put on hold desperately needed capital projects (American Hospital Association)

  • PPPs are a solution

    In addition to enabling these projects to move forward, hospitals rebuilt using PPPs use cutting-edge materials and technology, which have been shown to improve health outcomes, patient satisfaction and hospital safety and performance (National Institute of Health).

    New Karolinska Solna, Stockholm, Sweden

  • Learn more about New Karolinska Solna, a state-of-the-art university hospital and the largest healthcare PPP project in the world.

    New Karolinska Solna, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 42 states have significant shortfalls in infrastructure funding for courthouses(National Center for State Courts)

  • PPPs are a solution

    Passage of the PBBC’s legislation will spur the development of PPPs for the growing backlog of courthouse repair projects and allow more social infrastructure PPPs, like Long Beach Courthouse, to move forward.

    Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse, Long Beach, California

  • Learn more about Long Beach Courthouse, the first performance-based PPP project in the United States to reach financial close.

    Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse, Long Beach, California


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Learn About Pending PPP Building Legislation

  • The Public Buildings Renewal Act (PBRA) January 2, 2018THE PUBLIC BUILDINGS RENEWAL ACT (PBRA) - THE PUBLIC BUILDINGS RENEWAL ACT (PBRA) WOULD CREATE JOBS, FAST-TRACK CONSTRUCTION AND SAVE TAXPAYERS MILLIONS New Study Highlights The Benefits of Constructing Government Buildings Via Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) Financed with Private Activity Bonds “This new study con rms what so many have been saying all along: the Public Buildings Renewal Act is a win-win-win for American infrastructure, jobs, and taxpayers.”  — Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), lead House sponsor “Now is the time to use the success of P3s in the infrastructure sector as a nancing model for repairing our public buildings and other cornerstones of our communities, particularly public schools and libraries.” — Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV), lead Senate sponsor P3's offer cost savings of nearly 25% over the life of the project compared to traditional building methods. IF P3S EXPAND TO 20% OF ALL GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS FOLLOWING PASSAGE OF THE PBRA, IT WOULD: In the First Year; *Generate $2.796 billion worth of new public buildings *Increase real GDP by $8.285 billion Create 43,200 jobs *Increase federal and state income tax receipts by $860 million   In 10 years *Generate $85.90 billion worth of new public buildings *Increase real GDP by $8.06 billion Create 32,400 jobs *Increase federal and state… Read More

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