PBBC Accomplishments

  • Our bill – The Public Building Renewal Act of 2017 (HR960 and S 326) was introduced in the House and Senate in February 2017 and includes 18 bipartisan House sponsors (10 Members of Ways and Means Committee) and 9 bipartisan Senate sponsors (5 members of Senate Finance Committee).
  • The PBBC gathered the support of 10 Governors, persuading them to co-sign a letter to Congressional leadership endorsing our bill.
  • Michael Hancock, Denver Mayor, and Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles Mayor, are leading a Mayors letter in support of the Public Building Renewal Act. 14 Mayors in total co-signed a letter to Congressional leadership endorsing our bill.
  • The PBBC hosted the ONLY public buildings focused event of the entire National Infrastructure Week in May. This Capitol Hill briefing attracted over 80 people, largely Congressional staffers who we are targeting for support on our bill. Both our House lead Republican and Democrat sponsors, Rep. Mike Kelly and Earl Blumenauer, participated, along with Brian Sullivan, CNBC host, and PBBC members: Sam Barend, Mike Pikiel, Mike Marasco, and John Fleming..
  • Our strategic partner, National Taxpayers Union, distributed a letter to every member of Congress in support of the Public Building Renewal Act that was signed by 10 good government groups.
  • The Trump Administration specifically highlighted the need to expand the use of Private Activity Bonds to other sectors, such as buildings, in the President’s 2017 Budget. This was a direct result of our discussions with the White House and DJ Gribben and the success of our bill.
  • Hosted a workshop for the City of Los Angeles in partnership with the Mayor’s office that was attended by over 40 people, senior administration officials, agency leaders, city councilmembers and staff, etc.
  • Hosted 5 workshops attended by over 50 public officials during the P3C conference.
  • P3 Bulletin did a Cover Story in their monthly magazine in April highlighting the PBBC’s effort.
  • Delivered a whitepaper for the Trump Transition Team in January 2017 emphasizing the importance of energizing private investment in our nation’s public buildings and advocating for our legislation.
  • Ran a half day workshop for the Maryland Department of Government Services (DGS) in March of 2018, which included, among many others, the Secretary of DGS, Governor Hogan’s Chief of Staff, Maryland’s legal counsel;
  • Hosted a workshop for the City of Los Angeles in partnership with the Mayor’s office that was attended by over 40 people, senior administration officials, agency leaders, city councilmembers and staff, etc. We subsequently hosted another workshop with the City in December of 2017.
  • In April 2018, provided an interactive, in depth, half day education session around different forms of Public Private Partnerships for the Metropolitan State University in Denver, CO.

Additional Accomplishments:

  • The Joint Committee on Taxation scored our bill – a major feat. The score is exceptionally low –
    $18M over 5 years and $48M over 10 years.
  • Our advocacy to the Department of Treasury and the White House resulted in social
    infrastructure being included as an eligible sector under the proposed Financing America’s
    Infrastructure Renewal (FAIR) program in the President’s 2016 budget plan.
  • Submitted White Paper to the House Ways & Means and Senate Finance Committees’ Tax Reform
    Working Groups.
  • Provided input and edits into The Partnership to Build America Act (H.R. 2084), which have been included in the Senate version of the bill (S. 1957).
  • Successfully sent two different letters to Ways and Means Committee Chairman Camp with 50
    signatures endorsing the PBBC.
  • Met with the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) twice to present our proposed legislation and
    preliminary revenue score.
  • Met with the offices of over 200 Senators and Congressman, and four officials in the Obama

Grassroots Outreach

  • Distributed a letter of support from 7 Governors to members of Congress.
  • Met with 26 associations, 11 state and local government officials and 6 unions.
  • Have over 90 public and private sector members and still growing every month.
  • Working on organizing educational workshops for cities and states that are interested in furthering their understanding of PPPs and supporting the PBBC.
  • Formed partnership with the T2 (Transportation Transformation) Coalition.

Conferences & Events

  • In conjunction with the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships, we hosted two Public Building Summits (November 2014 and October 2015) attended by over 150 people.
  • Held a Congressional Briefing through the High-Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition
  • Organized a Mayoral Roundtable in Washington, D.C.
  • Made presentations to the National League of Cities, the Council of Development Finance Associates, the Dallas P3Conferene and the Public Works Financing Breakfast Series on social infrastructure.
  • Presented to the Illinois Chamber of Commerce.
  • Presented to the Construction Industry Roundtable.
  • Testified at the Senate Finance Committee’s Hearing on “New Routes for Funding and Financing Highways and Transit.”
  • Participated in the House P3 Panel Event on public buildings, and submitted official recommendations
  • Hosted annual golf outings since 2015, have another planned in 2017.
  • Hosted educational workshop for public sector officials in Georgia and Maine.

In the News

  • Infra Americas has published 13 articles on the PBBC’s effort since February 2013.
  • Op-Ed published in Politico in July 2016.
  • Op-Ed published in ENR’s December 2012 Letters to Congress Issue.