P3 Educational Workshops



Governor Paul Lepage

The Performance Based Building Coalition (PBBC) custom designed workshops for cities and states aim to assist various states in exploring innovative infrastructure programs and the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs) to support their public building infrastructure projects, such as schools, hospitals and courthouses.

The PBBC’s goal is to increase awareness around the best practices and lessons learned from both domestic and international PPP projects. These workshops will help various government agencies and officials utilize these new tools to meet their pressing infrastructure demands. Workshops will be prepared for cities and states based on their interest and ability to use the PPP model. PBBC will engage in preliminary discussions to help these local government entities determine the viability of a workshop. They will be awarded on the basis of merit to those public entities who could most benefit from the PBBC’s knowledge and expertise.


The PBBC is comprised of experts from across all relevant sectors, including developers, contractors, designers, legal and financial advisors, and operations and maintenance providers (please see Supporters List). The PBBC is able to mobilize these extensive resources and bring them to cities and states across the country in order to address the concerns and questions that arise around procuring PPP projects.


The workshop will take a roundtable format and can run for either a full or half-day. Prior to the workshop, PBBC members will engage in a planning call with the appropriate public officials to tailor an agenda that will address all their key issues, from technical questions to policy concerns.  The PBBC will prepare educational materials for the public sector attendees and, after the workshop concludes, will remain available to them as a resource on PPPs going forward.

Past Events

  • Hosted 2 full day workshops for the City of Los Angeles in 2018, which included representatives from the Mayor’s Office, the Chief Administrative Officer and key staff, and the Bureau of Engineering. These workshops played a key role in informing the City’s decision to advance a P3 for the LA Civic Center.

  • In April 2018, provided an interactive, in depth, half day education session around different forms of Public Private Partnerships for the Metropolitan State University in Denver, CO.

  • Ran a half day workshop for the Maryland Department of Government Services (DGS) in March of 2018, which included, among many others, the Secretary of DGS, Governor Hogan’s Chief of Staff, Maryland’s legal counsel;

  • Sponsored by NM State Representative Bill McCamley (D – District 33), in November, 2017, PBBC responded to a request for two sessions with the State of New Mexico: Testifying before the NM Finance Authority Oversight Committee about P3’s and also a detailed look at how Public Private Partnerships function for a broad group of stakeholders.

  • Hosted a workshop in September 2015 for Georgia Board of Regents.

  • Hosted a workshop in September 2015 for Georgia P3 Commission.

  • Hosted an educational roundtable and breakfast workshop with public officials at the P3C Conference in Dallas, TX in 2015.

  • Made presentations to the National League of Cities, the Council of Development Finance Associates and the Public Works Financing Breakfast Series on social infrastructure.

  • Hosted a Mayoral Roundtable in Washington D.C.


"We are so grateful that the PBBC came to New Mexico to meet with our stakeholders about new ways of funding and building our State’s infrastructure. Unions, business groups, government staff, and environmental representatives all participated in a wonderful three hour workshop. The depth and breadth of knowledge shared, as well as the honesty of the discussion, was appreciated by everyone."

— New Mexico State Rep. Bill McCamley

"The PBBC workshop held here on our campus at MSU Denver was invaluable in creating a common language and understanding of the breadth and depth of models for infrastructure related public private partnerships. From our front line financial team through our Deans, everyone was pleased to have gained knowledge, dropped some unnecessary fears, and improve our options for collaboration."

— Steve Kreidler, Vice President for Administration & Finance
Metropolitan State University, Denver

"The PBBC conducted two, day-long workshops for the City of Los Angeles, including the Bureau of Engineering. These substantive sessions were highly informative and carefully tailored to address the procurement, contracting and finance issues associated with different P3 delivery models."

— Gary Lee Moore, City of Los Angeles Chief Engineer