The Public Buildings Renewal Act (PBRA)

The Public Buildings Renewal Act (PBRA) Would Create Jobs, Fast-Track Construction and Save Taxpayers Millions New study highlights the benefits of constructing government buildings via public-private partnerships (p3s) financed with … Read More

Taxpayers Win with Federal P3 Legislation

Why do too many government construction projects become liabilities for the nation’s taxpayers? One major reason is the lack of long-term cost and schedule discipline that private sector experience can … Read More

P3 Finance 101

P3 Project

Introduction The purpose of this article is to demystify the most basic aspects of public-private partnership (“P3”) finance for those new to P3s. Specifically, this article addresses the following questions—what … Read More

US P3 – Time to Level the Playing Field

Last summer, President Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum stating the policy of the federal government “…to facilitate, as appropriate, greater public and private partnership and collaboration, including with international investors and … Read More